An Engineering Heritage

Headland Engineering traces its heritage back to 1923 when Thomas P Headland set up a business offering a complete service for engineers, selling machine tools and engineering equipment with the tag-line ‘If Engineers use it – Headland sells it!’

In the inter-war years, from selling products and machines to engineers, the company diversified into many aspects of engineering, including steel stockholding and offering a comprehensive precision engineering service in the form of the manufacture of quality engineered parts.

The synergy of these two aspects came together when Headland started to supply high quality, solid and hollow, precision hardened and ground linear steel shafts in a variety of imperial, and metric diameters. This linear shaft with its tight tolerances, high wear resistance and aesthetic and geometric excellence, was perfect for those industrial applications where linear shaft is integral to high performance. Combined with the capability of being machined in-house to customer’s exact specifications by our team of highly skilled engineers, Headland rapidly became a trusted name in the industry for the supply of quality precision machined hard ground linear shaft, linear accessories, and engineering components.

From being used as piston rods for pneumatic cylinders, to drive-shafts and hinge pins, in industries as diverse as automotive, packaging, instrumentation & testing equipment, power transmission and gym equipment, our machined to order linear shaft, has made Headland the one-stop shop for induction hardened and precision-ground shafts for linear motion applications.

If it is Linear Shaft … it has to be Headland!