Precision Engineering Sheffield

If you are from Sheffield (or any other area in Yorkshire and the Humber or throughout the UK) and you are in need of an experienced and highly regarded company that offers a wide range of quality precision engineering – contact Headland Engineering now!

Headland are an established company based in the West Midlands and we boast a wealth of experience in the linear shafting and precision engineering industry. We pride ourselves on our extremely high standards of customer service and have produced a variety of complex components for customers from a multitude of industries throughout Sheffield, the Yorkshire and the Humber and the UK.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers use state of the art equipment to manufacture precision engineered parts from a wealth of quality materials. Our in-house machining capabilities are a major driving force behind our success, we can provide a one-stop-shop for machined linear shaft and any other component you require in prototype, small and larger volume batches.

Precision Engineering Specialists

Investment in modern and superior CNC Machining equipment along with innovative solutions and a vast range of knowledge from our team of experts … are essential to huge savings on both time and cost!

In addition to our high performance CNC Machining capabilities, our continued investment in the latest technology keeps us ahead of the competition. Our XYZ CNC Proturn Centre Lathes provide a rapid and highly efficient CNC turning service for multiple sectors throughout the UK including Sheffield.

Headland Engineering boast advanced machining capabilities to excel in the most demanding of schedules for prototypes, small or large volume batches.

Our team is synonymous with the precision engineering of hard ground linear shaft and in addition to this, we manufacture from the following materials … stainless steel, brass, bronzes, copper alloys and plastics.

Conventional Machining / Precision Engineering

Whether you need cut to length pieces at competitive prices or lengths that require milling, grounding, drilling or tapping … we are able to excel at this service … all in-house! Using our lathes or milling and grinding equipment, our team of experts can produce external / internal threads, milled flats, keyways, radial holes and many more features for your cut shaft or machined part.